Diagnose your Cookie Habit

Cue. Routine. Reward. Get to the bottom of your cravings by trying to diagnose your habits. I went searching for this video clip to share with my students. It's a great example of mindless eating, as the author explores what is really behind his afternoon cookie habit and eight pound weight gain. (Hint - It's not an uncontrollable sugar craving.)

"Is Butter a Carb?"

Just how healthy is granola, anyway? Here I am on the latest Eating Matters podcast, talking with Margot Sanger-Katz about her recent New York Times piece on health (mis)perceptions and the "Granola Gap". Thanks to Jenna Liut at the Heritage Radio Network for having me on!

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Here is the New York Times article that sparked the conversation: Is Sushi 'Healthy'? What About Granola?