Smoothie // Nostalgia

I spent the holidays in Texas with my mom, who had recently moved into a new house. Packing up our old house unearthed many treasures along the way, fun and silly things from our childhood that had been filed away. I'm not sure where she found my smoothie recipe – and I wish I could take a better guess at how old I was when I wrote this down. 

About a year ago I posted a smoothie recipe very similar to this, without as many useful details, such as describing the tools you would need — a blender and "getting ready" — and for highlighting the whimsy of letting the ingredients "whirl away."

It reminds me that the smoothie hasn't changed much over the years; perhaps now we add more kale or spinach or almond milk. But one of the most enduring qualities of a smoothie is that it remains a delicious, healthy choice that kids can relate to. They love making it and eating it. As soon as I mention the word "smoothie" to my girls, they chirp and hop around the kitchen, excitedly gathering ingredients. 

As a kid, I clearly bonded with this recipe, and must have later penciled the "Do not throw away!" as a message to my mother, who sometimes could see a messy scrap of paper as something imminent for the trash can. Thanks to her for keeping it safe all these years, now tucked away in the same old recipe box, just new house.