Vegetable of the Month: Cabbage

Hudson Valley Seed's Vegetable of the Month for March is cabbage. I'm not letting the fact that it is the very last day of March deter me from posting a short blurb celebrating cabbage. Whenever possible, I try to volunteer on the day the school is holding the taste test. This month it was a big thumbs up for cabbage and I'm always impressed with how many kids are willing to try it. Granted the recipe this month was Irish potatoes and cabbage - heavy on the potato and seasoned with a little turkey bacon - but it still gave us the opportunity to talk a lot about cabbage.  Did you know that one cup of cabbage has only 15 calories? Or that cabbage is high in fiber, Vitamin C and Vitamin K? Plus it is inexpensive, very versatile and delicious.

In celebration of cabbage as the Vegetable of the Month, here are a few cabbage recipes:

Cabbage and Caraway Slaw 

Cabbage and Potato Gratin  

Stuffed Cabbage:  Cavolo Ripieno

That last recipe, by Mario Batali, takes a little bit of effort but is completely worth it.  An effortless way to incorporate more cabbage into your meals is to chop it into slivers and serve it raw under stewed chicken or a heap of it in your fish taco.