FDA finalizes new nutrition facts label

This morning the FDA unveiled the new Nutrition Facts label. There are many important changes, updates that modernize the Nutrition Facts label with our current eating habits. One of the biggest changes, actively opposed by the food industry, is the addition of "added sugars" to the label. Also, the nutrients of concern have changed, with Vitamin D and Potassium now mandated to be on the label along with Calcium and Iron. 

Some serving sizes will also be changing. Now packages that are clearly meant to be consumed in one sitting will need to be represented as one serving. For example, a 20 ounce soda bottle will now be represented as one serving, whereas before it often said 2.5 servings (and the serving size was 8 ounces). 

Here is a great infographic to explain what is new:

Emphasizing the importance of the Nutrition Facts label, here is a great quote from one of the biggest advocates for its change, the First Lady Michelle Obama:

Eliminating the mystery behind the food we consume allows us to make smarter - and healthier - choices for our families. 

Find detailed information on all of the changes at the FDA website

Here is the press release from the White House

Businesses will need to implement the new label on all packages by July 26, 2018.